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Friday, April 12, 2013

fairy world of tales

they're back check Mental/.Emotional Tornados
even tornadoes shows which side of the brain I write from.
I choose left. How will I manage a task without form? Jumping over the checkerboard square in a rook slipping over the blockade to my/OUr present type of way. How to be here without fear? How to see without engagement when viewing the depths of our collective task - today.

Herding cats some might say. Guilt that comes from that life, a mistake, fired up in our genetics. In our genetics we need to release this collective guilt and the pending punishment that hangs like a hammer over our heads if we don't learn the easily mouthed lesson of forgiveness.... I am talking today. Today. the twelfth - we/I choose to forgive and unravel the fear and guilt etched in my heart and I let it go. poof - we are beautiful beings of light.