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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Alex Jones verses Amy

Alex Jones releases a viscious attack on Amy Schumer after talking with Trump.

My my my IF I could talk with Alex and President Elect Trump I WOULD SAY YOU NEED A sense of f n humor, thicker skin, and to except the shocking side of humor is meant to offend our thought prisons.

I think Alex is being whiny and trite even though I haven't seen the said clip I have enjoyed INSIDE AMY SCHUMER many a dark night. Ales you profess to be a warrior for free speech but send your millions of thought minions off to effect Amy because she is shocking and vulgar but extremely funny. she has a sword cutting through collective thinking. she cuts on the edge of what we are allowed to think and say.
Alex I am a left wing liberal and a Christian who takes to Heart these problems that confront this nation and the biggest problem is secrecy, lies, and deception in order to create division.
then where is the acute sense of .....
TO President elect Trump- May you be protected from the shadows that stand at your door and may you unify your heart so that you are a true leader. Loosen up, heal the hurt that has collected within you. LAUGH, You won. Let people chew on it for a while and then let your heart lead. I believe you have a good heart in the depths of pain. The environment is our commons. We need air, we need trees, we need peace. May you be filled with love and grow a rainbow shield that guides you to the original calling of our nation. Freedom, liberty and justice for all I see she was talking against trump during the election but then is then I BET she doesn't move to Spain. We need to change how we vote. No more computer counts with out random audits counted by citizens of our communities. All ballots would be guarded The democrats have never said anything about computers without a paper trail used to cast votes. it is insane and every person who votes that way is not in reality to think that their vote is counted.