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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Art of Stalking

I have been listening to The Art of Stalking Perception to comfort myself from the bruising caused by this election.
It clearly defines our path from the Shadow Awareness Turning into our dilemmas and how we are controlled by our attention. tricked again, stolen election? or the shadow government made its choice a couple weeks before the election. Were the Clinton's thrown under the bus? me thinks so.
I have also turned to the study of 'LIVING THE SCIENCE OF MIND' by Ernest Holmes. and here is a treatment that i am working on realizing: The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not a corportaion but is a divinely inspired idea of a Nation built on the truth that aall men are created equal and free. Unity within Diversity. Even though from the onset the imprint from the heritage of shadow worked its desires to control all, the idea and dream of this Nation is freedom and unity and beauty for all. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Happiness can only be found in the Truth of our heart when we Love one another. We can have a vision of a divine imprint at the core of our nation. This idea of freedom is the truth on which the shadow has no power.
my opinion, i postulate, I prognosticate/
The elections were rigged and people are under trance when they vote with out a paper trail that is protected at all times. the votes should be counted by hand. I do apologize to Hilary.