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Saturday, November 5, 2016

WAR Manning

proof of the Neo Liberals are the same as the NEO conservatives or the neocons as in conmen and women.

Bradley Manning is tortured by the order of the 'Justice' Department
for exposing illegal activities by releasing films of shooting down civilians and journalists...made to stand outside his solitary confinement cell for hours on end naked. HE NOW ASSOCIATES HIMSELF AS A FEMALE. name is Chelsea and they are trying to kill her She should be released and given a reward and compensation for turning the force of war at that time.

The designer's of 911 went on operating behind the scenes pulling the puppet master strings, with no 'moment of regret' because they made a financial killing by killing and looting and running drugs and killing more.

Executive order that set up assassinations of loosely defined definition of terrorists. Terrorism names and defines all aspects of redress as a terrorist activity therefore speaking out can kill you in all sorts of ways hidden from sight, unless they want to make you a symbol.


What if all of the people who usually don't vote came out and voted for JILL Stein Green Party? Heads would explode as votes are truly counted.
Tabulations would probably never be allowed in mainstream-assphere. May our votes be sacred and counted by the over-lighting of truth.