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Saturday, November 12, 2016

our minds will create our fears

YESTERDAY I spent the day studying Trump and his past. He has his Sun conjunct the north node of the moon and Uranus. My sun is also conjunct Uranus. I understand the speak first ask questions later aspect of him and I also see how sensitive he is with three planets in cancer. It is like he has cast iron Armour around his heart to protect that sensitivity. His sag moon is at the same degree as mine so again comes the theme of speak first but also of reaching for the divine path. the upper Path.

We, the people, are like oxen big and strong that are led around by a tiny nose ring created by our thoughts being installed by the external world (ie the media). IT IS hard to discern facts from fiction. this is a fact...our thoughts create the world in which we live.
Fears magnify that which we fear. The election was run on fear. We created Donald's win. He created his win by being obnoxious enough that he got free airtime. The essence of Donald Trump is not evil nor is the essence of Hilary evil. They just have been captured by the shadow and so have we. We need to watch our thinking and create a new world in our minds first by tuning into our hearts and releasing the wounds of harsh programming that we and our ancestors have endured. Freedom lies inwardly first.