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Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Million per year equals 85,000 per Month

Then there are the trillions of dollars bubbling in the underground economy ( ie we protect the poppy fields of Afghanistan...Why?) dah)-
Prove me wrong..start checking the incoming planes of the contractors and the military.
What ugly things are the billionaires doing? Try-surveillance of all of us.... Planning to take down the middle class, making us surfs. infiltrating our minds , bodies and souls with media aimed at programming us and keeping us asleep. .

I believe with certainty that we are being sprayed with coolant here in the North West ( and probably elsewhere-everywhere) The grand experiment...thanks Al Gore. the cold feels different to my skin. the trails are there for all to see but only a slight percentage of us see it. I don't watch T V so I also think that there is a relation to the blindness. So if they are programming us not to see the persistent contrails what else are they inserting into our subconscious minds?
-I am supposed to be a good girl and not notice these things. but even under the gravest of threats, I cannot close my eyes and be quiet ... because they are trying to steal the planet and squelch the idea of freedom which lives in each one of us. the ((