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Friday, March 2, 2012

Forum of Observation

not to toy

same observations
the rent in the fabric

I argue with God
in a forum of observation

Free Will
cannot be free if we are caught in a web
wrapped like a fly
thick soot of fear
our thoughts not being our thoughts because of the ability to tune into the ONE -
to tune into Unity. This same ability can be circumvented and used to impregnate and program our thinking by dividing us from our innate sense of bliss of being. Divided we are doomed and afraid. We stop feeling the higher more comprehensive vibrations. we wave with each other - we absorb. We become the thought police.
“Don't get too big.,”. “You are crazy>”

You look at the life force bursting in a nurtured young child
got to make them sit still
the operation rule of installing Empire

So then the us and them mode
only they are a handful of pricks little prick pricks.
Demented little pricks
bringing the opiates into our country via war
an underground economy fixing on destroying the Earth via their own lack of possession of their souls
So they create hell for themselves as they lay the trails over our heads. Is this freewill? I ask God in the Forum of Observations. A bunch of programmed people running the maze as the Ones who have called themselves Masters Plot in thick dark light stuck in pitch oozing from the wound inflicted upon their youth.

We cannot hate them then because they were chained by their broken childhood A genetic line that does not hold joy light or love or is it dormant somehow?

This I ask to the forum of Observation: Will you take the tether from our collective so that Free Will can be an educated choice?
May the purple rule apply....over fifty percent- if they knew the true choice would chose the outcome of the event. I am talking global events. We can say yeah or nay. Nothing to fear. Freewill is here....

I am pretty sure I heard a Yes in answer. There is still lots of sweeping up to be done.

And I say “Thank you thank you thank you and Amen. “