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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The New World is Rising

Not meaning the New World Order- which is the Old way of control by fear...the dark ages.
The Old World is Passing away. 'They' are in denial. 'They' are still held in possession of the nightmare. 'They' still want to cull the population by any means because 'they' can't think with their hearts, yet. Like Grinch their hearts are shriveled, a dry seed.

I am seriously thinking of starting a church like the above ministry but really don't know how long my commitment will endure. Our federal Oath Breakers are breaking our constitution by not allowing the freedom of religion guaranteed by our Constitution - like the forth amendment shattered - You took an oath. Cannabis more than any other sacred plant exhibits all 12 attributes of the Tree of Life.. These attributes threaten the Corporations that thieve upon the Earth and all of its inhabitants -including the owners of the Corporations. Free Your Mind. Study Open Read the Constitution that you puff about. .