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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hallowed Be Thy Name

The tricksters rule the day
I had a line to start these thoughts of the day off with...I forgot it. It was a good line How did it go? Hmm something about those blasted lines in the sky, some you can't even see but can feel on your skin. Just wishing that the true scientists (( not the whores of the industry )) would get some words out. I want to shame shame shame the ones who chose to look the other way and get paid to make things up..

My research tactic for today was science buzz in the climate industry, It is an industry ((if you want to know)) An industry like the Pharmaceuticals, prison industrial complex , Military industrial complex, Nuclear Power Industry, the Seed Industry ... It is one of those poison paradigms, with Hubris and Protective slogans Like calling me a tree hugger. which I proudly am and I am a bleeding heart except for my thoughts of Justice for you idiots who know better but sell it any way. I would rather get real with street people than sell my soul for a yacht or some jet and a bonus of all the world at your feet.

So today I was looking for the coolant recipe being used in the North West - Nitrogen - as in dry ice was one answer and then jargon that I couldn't decipher without some time to read and read and read....any how its called BIOENGINEERING scary stuff when you can think. Can you think? Don't wanna think about it? go drink some vadka and Gin.

Earth Sings to Human Kind...Our Potential