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Friday, March 30, 2012

Corporate Governance Absurdities

The danger is great
great is the danger
of hacking away at the industrial complexes
the myth of the Empire as it enslaves our minds
wrapping them with fear of retribution
Drugs, Heroin -coke
being streamed in with our government turning a blind eye
and even a dead hand in destroying lives
and creating a prison industrial , police industrial economy that pretends to fight the drugs that really do the damage while putting Marijuana in a schedule 1 classification which states that it -cannabis has no medical applications when some like me see that it could be called a panacea of medical uses from juicing (which doesn't get you high) to smoking ((which gets you high while, if grown with awareness of the sacred will help lift a person to a level of unity which makes greed and corruption seem absurd and takes the mind out of zombie-hood))
In Afghanistan, we protect the poppy fields to protect the Afghan economy while we encourage them to grow f'n soybeans (probably Monsanto's-evil empire leg that it is)
The danger of taking them on is as great as the danger of letting them thrive.
What's more important protecting my own life while the filth of the lie spreads across our country making us afraid of things while they literally poison us in all aspects of our lives, guns cannot fight this poison, our minds are the field of battle and they 33 know this. What is wrong with them? shriveled aspects of the divine and their trembling minions..