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Monday, August 20, 2012

"Got to Move Forward."

Why are we hypnotised with the idea of moving forward with no digestion and evacuation of the cause of a problem?

The installation of George w. was "move forward" Iran Contra "move forward" 911

"move forward'...that is unless they can use it as an excuse for anything they want to ram into law. "move forward".. Thus an entrenched system that cares not about Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness and Justice for all.

I say we need to learn from the facts excluded from the fiction. Again, our beliefs frame our reality and blind us from the perception beyond the lie.

I guess I only make sense to me.

the geo engineering is so secret with absolutely no oversight,that they can do anything to us. It is totally insane and should stop immediately. Especially Zapping the magnetosphere it could suck the atmosphere away from life, into a vacuum. Insane the potential. Its brought to you by the cold blooded crooks and their minions- creatures cowering from their divinity, claiming power in destruction/.''''cold blooded. Their destruction is nye. They hav been warned. It is time that they vacate their long entrenched stance of power by suppression and destruction of the creation and the murder of their fellow human beings. Forth dimensionally speaking----->
WE Stand Up WE will not allow another Atlantis. You who are implementing the plans, who have been possessed by money and power -that you think you have the right to kill us and the planet....You do not have our permission and it will not stand . You will be better off if we stop you now. Even better off if you put your two lips together and blow. have been fully notified of your demise. so enjoy the day because.......