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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grateull Dead Capital Theatre

Empire successfully shut us down
in the seventies
In the Seventies they learned to master control of the media
(but we still have the Internet hallelujah)
Here comes codex , Already the FDA mandates how to poison us with heavy metals like titanium oxide as pill identification dye. *

we are divided. The weather games, are setting us up for unaffordable food and heat in the fall. Automatic weapons have been practically handed out. We are duped into thinking that weapons keep us safe when actually when we stand in the light of God - All that Is - the I Am Presence there is no danger. but who has mastered that? Not me.
Our abilities- our inheritance and has been labelled evil.

War on every thing
that's how profit is made.

I am grateful grateful The game is on a bigger field than 'they' comprehend This is Empire's last draw. They know it and are desperate to succeed and we need to know that it is not on their level that will protect us and the planet.. It is in our hearts where we find our mentor and our protection. Then we have permission to prevail and are protected because - like Hicks points out- life is just a game l.....