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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

THe Cliff

the filter through which I look has the images of the dead from Sarin Gas that the US supplied Saddam Hussein. I remember how bright the colours of the cloths of the dead, babies in their mother's arms. Reds and golds and green. They were Kurds. So when I see and feel and smell the aerosol program that is spraying interesting spurts of chemicals over head (especially the streams that turn to fog) I think of the Iranians and Iraqis that were killed by the arms sales men.Regan, Rumsfeld and such. That energy is still behind the curtain, planning events that will distract us and lead us off the cliff, like good lemmings we fall. splat. One of the first reports in high school that I remember doing was on the assassination of Salvador Allende by the CIA to set Penoche into power. Now on the Internet it says that he probably committed suicide. My ASS. Poverty is such a game.gets people to sell off their goodness and honour for money. money is the ultimate game. we pretend that it is the most important thing in the world. People bow to it. People pray thinking that the money they have is their reward, forgetting about the ultimate deception .

addition onf sat aug. 25, 2012 at 22:09
Note: I am still pissed about the vw black

the bike chick in leotards, a scratcher
(and wishbone side step- who didn't piss me off so I hesitate to mention. but will as a document of witness. dog wishbone if you are slow....which is probably the case.