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Friday, August 10, 2012


i AM trying to stand in the vivid multidimensional light but etched in my abilities are inserts and flaws. Flaws,snags of anger I hate when I am afraid.
I see the brown haze starting with coolant in the morning breeze and then a toxic cocktail which causes the birds to take cover. We should be told. It should be stopped Like the theft of the upcoming elections Planned. Like the Plutocracy Planned. Pluto being an ally of mine, I stomp my feet at the cold far planet that serves the deep lesson of all perception and rules that which we block our eyes, and mind from. I know that the weather and the fall food prices and shortages are by design, I know that they are frying my country. I know that there is more in there cocktails than weather modification chemicals. Time is compressed Water skiing around a curve with a boat stalled in front of me. That is how it feels today. How to Jump, when I haven't practised jumping?