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Monday, August 13, 2012

The day

I am trying to get motivated

but the dimming going on is weighing me down
like there's less air to breath

trying to correct the list in my own life
I distract myself with awareness of the drum
A deep ominous note down in the pit of my stomach
a cord pulled too tight
I peer into the deep mist of obfuscation
What do they want us to be thinking ? (that's easy turn on fox snooze and the neon lights will be flashing our dutiful thoughts, the thoughts of a fair and balanced viewer- no leaving the square.)

So I try to give my weather worry to God - In a form of a blessing
all my worries in a form of a blessing but the noose is drawing tight upon us now and I feel I have to remain standing. I have to somehow protect my children who are adults now they say. but I feel a target on my back , front & head you know what I mean and if they can't get me they will be after my kids That is my raw fear.. and I tell myself that I am being paranoid, like last year.(Forrest got hit last year' I hesitate to root out in this blog my hidden notes of the night that it happened. ) I have to believe in their destinies as protection but sometimes I crinkle with fear If my thinking creates my reality well here the f it is. I know they are targeting people. esp the youth. so I spoke my emotional truth. I look too deep , I look any where that hides -the hidden is a magnet, A Persephone thing.

I want to write a treatise on why hard drugs a direct threat to us all. but that will be added later. there is so much to look at and to want to fix. We are still being screwed because we are confused on what is really real. the truth-that which can not be corrupted - is needed now..

It is september 8, 2012 did I mention Robert Gates lives on Orcas. It is always noteworthy when there are no lingerers around - a serious deputy that I couldn't quite see - then the thug energetically tags me. I was looking for the way and a couple comes down the street I said Amen