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Thursday, February 14, 2013


In 1979 that war took a terrible personal toll on John Trudell, in the form of an almost unspeakable tragedy that changed his life forever. While incarcerated in the Springfield Federal Prison Hospital in Springfield, Missouri in January of 1978, Trudell had been warned to watch what he was saying, or better yet, "to not say it at all." On February 11, 1979 Trudell led a march to the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. He delivered an address on the FBI's war against Indians, and burned an American flag that he felt had been desecrated by racist and class injustice. Approximately 12 hours later in the early morning hours, a fire "of suspicious origin" burned down Trudell's home on the Shoshone Paiute reservation in Nevada, killing his wife Tina, their three children, and Tina's mother. The Bureau of Indian Affairs officially declared the fire an "accident" and the FBI declined an investigation. But Trudell flatly states, "It was murder. They were murdered as an act of war."

Cheyenne tells a bit about herself-

I‘ve always been a Rainbow Girl- no one taught me- I just am.
Mr. Albert Pike has haunted me.
He has been over my shoulder like a dark swarm. My nemesis.
A serpent I would hold in higher regard. He has taken what is beautiful and sacred,
polluted it by his relationship with Lucifer. Lucifer who is his lord, not mine.

So I stand with my sword strapped to my back.
My arrows at ready to pierce his insipid murmurings.
His alignment rules this world today.
The world as a stage, is his sacrificial alter. War, murder, all blood
Sacrifice for power. The repetition. Over and over we are told that this
Is the way it is and always will be so why strive to find peace?
These repetitions mankind dutifully absorbs. ….

Our future sings=
Happy Valentines day to all those who have hemorrhaged from the knife, machined gun, bombs, lies, land mines, man made Earth Quakes, man made poverty, caused by the dead hand of those who sickly think that they are better than the heroic ranks of humanity.