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Friday, February 15, 2013


Cheyenne's Epiphany
Assignment on Earth I realized today that my 'audience' has always been
aimed towards the High degrees of the Order.Its core.
How it once protected the old ways from Empire when Empire was destroying all essence of the natural synchronization of being a free human being. Empire burned and buried, many times. I have my roots in Empire.
I learned.

I remember lifetimes like remembering a distant fragrance. A fragment of the past. I realize now, that we can also go forward in memories, which is a crazy thought to play with. In this, by not playing with thoughts, we get boxed in and programmable. The etching in fear is on our DNA patterning. I realize now that light is information and a balm.

The betrayal was that Empire took over the Order. Dah, that's what Empire does.

I peer into the abyss naturally. War is a lie. Therefore it aligns with 'The Lie'. Lucifer is not light, It is an imitation and theft of light. It creates no light. It sucks light.

AWAY Darkness and secrets AWAY

Cut off from the light, one would argue, intentionally, the Luciferians then have to suck life from their fellow man and all lifein order to be true to Lucifer having no internal light is ever thirsty to extinguish light from others. That is the task of Lucifer or should I say, was the task of Lucifer.
It appears now that we must offer Lucifer what it needs most. A connection back to the Light.
This I find revolting, however, I have no choice but to consider it.