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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lacking in tension?

anathemas plural of a·nath·e·ma (Noun)
1 Something or someone that one vehemently dislikes.
2 A formal curse by a pope or a council of the Church, excommunicating a person or denouncing a doctrine.
The game of life continues for the moment
Even without request, we build three hundred thousand tanks. The military didn't ask for them, so why are they being built and who ordered it? That's all I'm' asking. The congress did. Who was the whisperer who requested these tanks?... my guess ... neocon billionaires who have decided to bust up this country into five different regions. COG Regions that they would rule. That is a story, I will stick to it until I think differently by some facts being exposed. Who did the whisperers bidding by introducing the requisition for all those tanks? Are those tanks slotted to be used against us, in the USA, now that posse comitatus has been suspended? Why the fields full of coffins? I mean come on boys how stupid are you that you think that you will be safe because you are one of them?
That's all I ask. Won't be to hard to find. If we take the time to search.

We are now the reporters because the media is paid for by pharma and the military industrial system. We forget to see it so if the grids go down because of 'solar flares' some of the systems will be lost because they dare not back up. How will they hide it>? easy as pie.
short spree
omg "The tanks are in every street because madmen rule...if only you saw. the game you play? Repenting in action. shall I write to you my wicked friend? or turn my back to you?"

Neutron bombs and lots of soldiers to clean a city up makes it mighty handy for a take over.
China ruling our military? its a question for a story. another one....They are like jokes, the kind that aren't funny but pack a punch...Serin Gas in the persistent contrails only the beauty of serin gas is you can't see it. Ha Ha Ha. Not.

Like the circle swept with the compasses, you are to be true. In the scales of justice you are to weigh the facts and the law alone, nor place in either scale personal friendship or personal dislike, neither fear nor favor: and when reformation is no longer to be hoped for, you are to smite relentlessly with the sword of justice.