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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Eagle Flies

There is so much room to play
in our minds we can pretend to know the solution
and low it is there.
The Submarine Cheyenne's tale

Target the 'Left Coast' Into the harbors, silently. Dark. But for one man a city was saved. I hoped there were a few-good men- I mean. The neocon's have been drooling to knock out San Fransisco for many many years. What movie? What book did it appear in? The sacrifice of children had been made. They had been checking off the checklist. They were in big. I could tell, in my bones, I could feel them. My curse. Their own eminent deaths had made them more savage and desperate to show their power. I can feel their cravings. Like Vampires they are eternal until we
can see what they are. A good story. Humanity has always liked a good story. Arg.

There is no honor in these wars. They are preventable. The mock neutron bomb, HAARP mobile stations, A question that no one dare ask- are some of the subs US drones?

I always had an eye on the world and could feel the absurdity of war. It is not inevitable. Turn the bombs and warriors into acts of kindness and compassion. Lift the heart. War no longer holds honor. War is murder.

For so long they have been trying to trick us into Iran they got Syria now. I can see them drool as the countdown has begun.

I wrote to the Mayor sounding crazy. I just love this city. I don't want to see it the way my dream saw it last night. Dragging dead bodies into pick up stations. Jobs doing this. Everything looked stable. It is neutron bomb or a deadly gas. The people are dead. The treasure is preserved.