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Friday, February 8, 2013

the bottom line

As the seven of them were bushwacking through the woods...

To speed up the journey the three strong traded the task of carrying Sermon. Jenny had just put Sermon down and felt like wandering a bit, getting some distance from the gang. Jordy was carrying Sermon and chattering away to Sermon, he thought Sermon could fix things. So did Jenny. She felt so good, bright and strong when she carried him.
Gordon turned as Jenny was straying off the way that they had agreed upon-
"Fall in line Soldier"
Probably no one in Jenny's life had ever seen her angry let alone spit flying angry.
She picked up a stick, a log to some and she ran at Gordon who, stood ready for a licken'.
"I am not and will never be a soldier. Soldiers kill when they are told to kill. That, I will never be."

She sprinted ahead. Catching her breath, whispered, "Warrior, Yes. Soldier, No."

Above scene is dedicated to Albert PIke who took the mystic truth, beauty, and defiled it, who is followed and revered to this day.

a quote from Pike who wove beautiful writings, sacred writings and wove, in a masonlike style his own worped and mangeled interpretations into it. he ..

....I feel like Pike and I have fought forever. So much rage at a once friend betrayed. is how it feels/.

Plato and the other great Sages of Antiquity still reign as the Kings of Philosophy, and have dominion over the human intellect. The great Statesmen of the Past still preside in the Councils of Nations. Burke still

p. 314

lingers in the House of Commons; and Berryer's sonorous tones will long ring in the Legislative Chambers of France. The influences of Webster and Calhoun, conflicting, rent asunder the American States, and the doctrine of each is the law and the oracle speaking from the Holy of Holies for his own State and all consociated with it: a faith preached and proclaimed by each at the cannon's mouth and consecrated by rivers of blood.