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Sunday, August 31, 2014


I pound on the Earth, drumming the past, drumming the future
I call to arms those who know the damage that has been done
I pound on the Earth, calling all beauty that was meant to be but hasn’t
Been seen first seen first seen first
I pound in the rhythm of the wild, the free, the beauty of creation
I stand and call the Truth to be present in all of these things

In studying cell related activity related to the word PERP I found many things that are interesting when translate to a method of suppression using methyl (I think 3) thus suppressing the immune response in a healthy and life giving manner., translated to the fascist plan, translated to how the ‘they’ have planned to suppress large human populations. That’s what I read itoday.

and here what I find when I search HI PERP in reguards to what a man named Robin calls the NEOCONS.

So is anyone keeping track of who buys this stuff?