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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twelfth Night

Last night, a beautiful night, the play was enchanting, the bug spray was neanderthal. The women with the family in front of me sprayed her husband in the face with 'OFF' and they both laughed. I was aghast and couldn't sit and smell the poison. I then am eating and a man sees someone across the aisle had bug spray. He asked to borrow it and starts to spray it in the midst of the crowd before I think I yell 'Step away, I'm eating' I repeated it. He looked confused. Someone took a picture of me and showed it to me, I was scowling. How much do I scowl?

The bugs were only fairy folk, a part of the setting for the play. They weren't mosquitoes. I was happy to see them.

these days there is talk about the danger of birds and migrations and mosquitoes and an attempt to whip us into a energetic sphere of jagged fear of life and the wild. There is intention, by some warped minds, to kill the wild in order to keep us 'safe' What life would there be on this planet without the wild wings that fly about us? To me, it would be Hell. Not the future I long for.

We don't yet know the power of our thinking. We are kept on the brink of doom by our minds, at all times. How do we reprogram the collective within and without from mental disaster?