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Saturday, August 9, 2014


When I don't have ANY bugs flying into the lights outside at night,in August, I worry.
When I know that Monsanto is heavily involved with the weather modification 'research' formulas, I worry.
When I hear a tenured Professor (who is in the media spotlight) say "nuclear meltdown, no problem, the ocean is so big," I freak.
To this same Professor, who, on cue, ranted about those of us who witness 'chem trails' as paranoid and who denied that chem trails have anything to do with weather modification, when his department at the UW is heavily involved in weather modification 'research', I want to say, oh mouthpiece of Satan, may you look in the mirror and see an egotistic buffoon who will be cast into the nice warm recycle center, located, I hope, in the bowels of the Earth, which you blatantly destroy with your words and miscalculations. (to clarify: In the place where you are aimed (though the concept obviously is not a consideration of your thoughts that form without heart) "There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.)"