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Sunday, August 3, 2014


Concerns of a citizen of Earth
When Scientists, Politicians, and employees of the government, have gags upon them, then our right to be an informed population is thwarted. Our Constitution is in tatters because of the influence of commerce on people in places of power. Their security lies in balance because of threats to their livelihood and often threats to their lives (an undercover fear, because of the success of assassinations in the history of this nation by a shadow whose intent is power over using money as its means to gain power over the world and its governance). These few of the shadow, are pathologically injured souls, who have been allowed to weld power because they attract as minions people who require security. People want to be good but are programmed not to see and then are placed in places of influence and power.

Pluto dear Pluto can be taken back from the shadow only by Light and Love and Connection to the whole. We are at risk as a nation, and as a living planet because it is easy to program the masses using the media and education. The hierarchy is trained into us. As spirit, there is no hierarchy. We all weld power using our imaginations. Imagination is trained out of us as a whole by the school and economic system.

We are poisoned with vaccines, and additives to food,drugs,water and our teeth. The air now contains weather modification formulas that we did not give permission to. It is a trillion dollar business and this sightless experiment of controlling nature poisons all aspects of what sustains life on this planet;air,water,soil and the ionosphere. These weather modification formulas are insidious.

We waste our lives power thinking other people's thoughts. Denial is the dam of not seeing the truth of our own soul's response to going in the wrong direction. Resistance serves to stick the exact replica of what we don't want to our lives.

The masses, have been trained to resist and not to look and not to see.

Undigested, any wound becomes a program access point.
I look at someone like Cliff Mass, sellout to empire, and see wounds that he is protecting. I see how his funding comes from NASA (who has secret 'customers')and NOAA ( infiltrated by DARPA), have effected you. Are you prepared for the c
lass action lawsuits that will sue the UW, when people discover what you guys of your department have done via lack of scientific depth of your thinking and your complicity and propaganda?
If you look at the ocean like it is a living being, there are some parts of a body that are more important to its homeostasis than others. Like the heart and lungs are vital to the maintenance of a humans life. You say that the ocean is so big, like your body is so much bigger than your tinsty pineal gland, but how important is this gland to consciousness? How important are the Japanese Islands to our oceans homeostasis? You, my friend, cannot answer this with anything but blind speculation. I am appalled and dismayed by your ignorance to the whole.
The secrecy of the weather modification research is the crux of my opposition to it. The formulas are not open to the publics scrutiny and it is being done without our permission and the cumulative effects could kill the wild. I see less birds and bugs this year. I see and feel the metallic sheen of the air.
Murders of whole populations could be inflicted intentionally; there are no controls because of the secrecy. It is not benign and beneficial as you would have it be. You are blinded by your own security issues. You are blinded by too much mercury, (or surface information).