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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Within without, yesterdays words

The Enemy is within me
that part of me that from fear and lack of love eats the power of others
while wasting its own true power
I want to say clearing my throat, loudly:
Uranus, sweet wild child, has custody today My finger scratched the blackboard for fun
flashes of fire, can't help that
helping me to understand that p lay is the only way out of the brink of disaster that awaits us if we let them bring us down. today
Echos of what is good and what is great about humanity
I need to track that enemy that is within me and give it food and shelter and love
tender child it is

My Neighbor () across the street has a big (supposive) American flag that has- what looks like- I haven't counted- thirteen stars. Kind of creeps me out- is what I am saying. I come back to COG or now called Continuity of Operations or 'COOP', secret with no judicial or governmental oversight(pretty doggie, nice doggy) Secret- dog gone it- but it plans on the breaking up into sections these here United States and if we did allow them to continue spraying proprietary and secret chemical formulas over our heads, we wouldn't notice anything because we would be too sick and tired from chemical and heavy meta
l overload to notice. Oh well, don't look at that, it'll bring you down, that's for sure. What happy thoughts can I think on the brink of doom? Travel and Joy and Love, baby, Love. Echos of what is good and what is great about humanity and what is beautiful and heroic that creates safety with courage, vision and joy.