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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Being an "Evolutionary"

'The opus alchemicum not only changes, perfects or redeems Nature, but also brings to perfection human existence. Eliade Mircea

I’m not trying to start anything…..
John Trudell

His real name was Sermon What else could his calling be? but the gift of jive talk gabby, get ya all worked up so ya want to clap and say amen to the lord, talk? “What else could his calling be? At least that was what his mamma thought when she done did name him Sermon. “Everyone thought that she just plum forgot the 'h' or something. When you met Sermon, he just kinda made you wonder what in the world God was thinking? I guess you could wonder that about everything if ya think about it.... Honey, what was I just talken about?

“Sermon, Mamma, Sermon. Was he your cousin, Mamma?’
The thread was lost and mamma was onto some other memory… a blank stare almost vacant, had come over mamma, she had drifted off again. Nora stared at her mother. Wondering where it was? Where did she go? She knew that a part of her mother was separating from this world.

Sermon sat there with his eyes closed, teeth clenched, the light was storming in. There was no way for him to anchor the torrent. The intensity of the wavelengths coming in laid him out onto the floor, moaning. Then came the others, surrounding him, anchoring a thread of his perception into the room but most of him was still in the tail spin adjustment. Not just a little one, oh no, he was holding one of the biggest downloads of photonic waves that have hit Earth in ions.

“He’s retarded”, his littlest sister Maybell would tell people at school. He drooled. What else could she say? A part of her knew that he was much more than the word ‘retarded’ held.

Sermon was not Ellie’s cousin. He was her best friend (who was now dead and buried) Josie’s son’s son. They lived with Josie when Sermon was born. Josie thought her daughter in law was crazy naming him such a big name…”He never had looked ‘quite right’.”, she would say, as he missed different stages that all kids she had ever known went through.