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Thursday, January 24, 2013

full metal Jacket

This argument about guns has to extend to the US Government, the Pentagon, the lobbyists who bribe and bully our congress.

War kills children in fowl and tortured ways, their arms blown off in front of their sisters eyes. The threat to our country is the Pentagon. The debt of our country is the pentagon. The lies come from the pentagon. The guns to the Administrations back comes from the Pentagon. Obama, I still have hope for Obama, A coup against the rulers of the entities that are corded to the Pentagons is what we need. Arrest the torturers first, Rove should be working in one of his prisons. The pentagon, the oil interests, mining interests, banking interests that propagate and tend to the destabilization of our nation and all nations- are murderers and should be treated as such, period.
Sandy Hook is stage craft to distract us from looking at the reality. Our military is now allowed to act against its Own citizens, so when they come for the guns it will be war. Will that be worth the pretense of safety to remove the guns? No, we have to think, we have to be heart minded and not be bullied into fear over anything.