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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Saturn and Pluto Mutual Reception

She sat looking into the phlegm filled eyes; Those cold, dark eyes, with the practiced smile that holds no fire or warmth. The old pattern. How not to be an enemy? She had been assigned their defense? Anger in her veins.
That, her most important question today-> How not to see them as worthy of their sentence? How can she, of all people, defend them?
The Planets chuckle and clap.

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John Kerry and Joe Biden drinking game!!

Every time John Kerry says "idear" take a drink.

Every time Joe Biden says "man" take a drink.

Let's toast these two great statesmen tonite!!

My question is how did John Kerry jockey himself into being nominated for secretary of state? It reminds me of Hague when Reagan got shot. (I would say every time that Joe Biden says 'my friend' take a drink.)
Note: I was house sitting at my mom's house when Reagon got shot. I saw the first unedited version, I remember screaming at the TV because Bradey was laying there with no help. His face was stuck to the ground and he was so alone. Everyone had contracted around Reagan getting him into the Limo and away. that is how I remember it, so long ago. But now all media is edited first. One clip gets out and distributed. One script with two sides only.