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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


picked of Dutchsince website:


along with food and drug security: the FDA takes care of poisoning the elderly, guaranteeing profits for the humungous for profit healthcare industries.
then, the intentional drugging of our youth
perks of Empire
Opium black tar
Colombian fine coke cut with insanity
"no problem, baby, that takes care of that." he says as he claps as if he is dusting his hands with chalk.
Then I view weather modification. DA Dumb de dumb dumb. poisons all. the wild a dim memory soon is not addressed. HAARP setting up a polar shift ' which may be the only way to stop the money thing. Destruction of the hidden ones.
I view the carnivorous military that sees little ole me as a threat. Mercenaries hired by the hybrid force of a governmental for profit whores in high places that seek to kill any opposition. Putting in place ruthless Peria.