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Sunday, July 7, 2013

flight 214what is with the Burkas?

there are two difernt pictures of the evacuation shoot. Look for them when doing research... something is not congruent about what we are being fed.

the story teller in me says
It is not what they say. That is a given theses days. Why should I listen to their lies? Because they always insert some truth to make us believe them (them being the dead hand of which the media is the primary tool, like an ice pic to the frontal lobe lobotomy. the corporate media sucks off the soul of community,.On and on I rant then the story teller says It was a hit on a private liner. bringing in a heavy load. I am assuming heavy means that? what does heavy mean in flight control? Luxury did I hear luxury? I don't know. Seems like we are losing our freedom of speech in this country. where are the heroes? the ones who take their oath to our nation's constitution seriously?