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Monday, July 29, 2013

Trying to explain

How I see it. I see a quarter of everything is totally and completely infiltrated with people who are able to justify their own security by being blind. Sleeping behind the emotion of fear. Able to justify forgetting utterly their oath to defend the Constitution. No one willing because they are hypnotised to think that the dead hand is the only way to pay the bills or they might wind up dead - like so many.
The way that I see it is most of us want peace. We don't want our houses burned down or our children murdered - as the dead hand has been known to do- so often.

The Sentencing of (already tortured) Bradley Manning will show us which way this country heads.
It is a sad day to lose our countries constitution, Utterly and completely. The cogs of time need to be tweaked. We are at the threshold of the choices we make in this moment.\