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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The vision is bleak

How do I feel today? Like this computer. Hesitant and stretched =like I am on the rack of emotions. Like the world is sad. My raven friends are missing their baby alone. Sad at the madness in this world as they hand the military and our security to for profit blood letters whose only goal is to have the power to destroy. Who eat humanities fear. Death eaters -like in Harry Potter. The blind of heart, alive and well and functioning fine stealing our liberties

what they are being allowed to do is put humanity on the precipice of doom. Privatized contractors taking over HAARP and we will be held by them like in the book "The Hammer of Eden" way. only 'they' are able to take down continents with HAARP/.. How do I feel about that? I am taken to worry so much that I have to pray and ask for council. Council asks me ?will I listen this time? I don't know if I want to. "My own life is enough" "Give me a break" I beg. but I know Its in my face and I will always try to be Paul Revere -it is my nature. the NSA is a money laundering set up. that is what I see/. Drugs, Arms , feeling up the populous, picking the pockets of Uncle Sam. They (meaning the heads, not necessarily the imps) are destroying what makes the myth and the potential of this country great. We are at the crossroads. They want to be the hand of God... but they follow something that fell from God and has no light of its own so it sucks on humanities emotions. I can only think to call their master who by any other name is the devil itself/. They will likely set loose a virus or poison or something that will kill various species including humans, if they are allowed their secrecy. DARPA (barf all over DARPA please!) That is what I see in the fog today.