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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

muted on YOu Tube

gee wiz I wonder why?
US and Them Pink Floyd
Us and Them
And after all we're only ordinary men
Me, and you
God only knows it's not what we would choose to do
Forward he cried from the rear
And the front rank died
And the General sat, as the lines on the map
Moved from side to side
Black and Blue
And who knows which is which and who is who
Up and Down
And in the end it's only round and round and round
Haven't you heard it's a battle of words
The poster bearer cried
Listen son, said the man with the gun
There's room for you inside
Down and Out
It can't be helped but there's a lot of it about
With, without
And who'll deny that's what the fightings all about
Get out of the way, it's a busy day
And I've got things on my mind
For want of the price of tea and a slice
The old man died

July 2, 2013 I wonder if it is illegal to direct viruses at peoples computers ?
I wonder if congress is letting homeland security hire computer hit men? I wonder if I am typing to one now?
I also wonder what Kerry has up his sleeve that scares me into rage? I wonder if Obama has any say at all? Or if he just cower s and takes promises/?? Is he a front man?? Yes .could he be so much more?/ Yes. J O e too. Kerry too I suppose. I am trying not to be angry spitting angry at the sell out chicken _____s