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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morning Armerica or Sun down?

Dear President Obama, Vice President Bidden, and Justice Department Eric Hold'er. Awaiting Bradley Manning's sentencing causes me to gasp at the loss of our Constitutional rights in this great nation.
We have become a country run like the mafia. The freedom of speech has been gagged, The right of a free and unrestrained press? Only to be found in rouge rumblings on the Internet and the set up to take that down is in place- I assume with CIA and NSA positions within Google and facebook and other or all search engines- blatantly disregarding the first amendment). We the citizens of the USA have a right to know the illegal and immoral activities that our government is involved with.
Under your watch you have allowed the true terrorists to get promoted and live freely, rich and oppulant lives. The whistleblowers are punished like they are the wrong doers when they are the ones who honor their oaths of office. I cringe at the depths of dishonor that is rampant in all aspects of government because of this. We have been infiltrated by a privatised military ready to set fires everywhere. Our skies are poisoned with 'secret formula's which are cumulative poisons because it is a 'thirteen trillion dollar industry' not because it is good for our grandchildren, (They think Armageddon will take their Grandchildren anyway?) now cloaked in the night-time applications and mist like formula's. Breaking many laws. They are allowed to operate like so much waste geared at protecting the bosses of bosses. This needs to stop. We as a democracy have the need for information. Or is the democracy already gone? For Shame. The drums roll.