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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sail On

'Its coming from the wells of disappointment'

Democracy is Coming Leonard Cohen
Voting - How important is voting to a democracy? How important is voting to Capitalism? Capitalism and democracy are not synonymous meaning capitalism and democracy are not the same thing. Think about it. Here in San Juan County, Ten or so years ago, Sy Stevens sold our voting anonymity to the forces of Capitalism putting Barcodes on our Ballots and then fleeing to Arizona . Taking away our anonymity from us when we vote. (Like so many things we have lost such as honoring the US Constitution).
Capitalism, unrestrained, has the money to do terrible things to the people. When I say people I mean you. For some reason, Milene Henley, San Juan County Auditor, will not commit to taking the barcodes off of our ballots. She has been ordered by the court to have the machines and barcode system certified.... In King County the barcodes are perforated and ripped off of the ballot before they are counted. That I would agree to. That makes more sense than barcodes being plastered all over the ballots. Barcodes that identifies the voter. Think about it.
Come on Milene get rid or the barcodes on our ballots!
Under Pressure Queen and Bowieoops I was being inflammatory and I sent the above letter to the editor of two san Juan online rags. am I sorry? scared? do I regret it Yes on all. but am I retracting it. Have I yet? considering deleting this because it does make me nervous and it is inflamatory I was doing it to arouse emotion. obviously. 3, 2:10to the unth. It is Not Al Queda instigated-so says my gut . It is within the USA designed. It is in a multiple option scenario. It is Archived somewhere in Hollywood. I would say the major threat is a privatized military engaged attack I see a missile from a jet SF and DC Is where I would focus if I were able to besides within my mind. they use the dark of the Moon and new moon. submarine and poison air -all almost ready to roll