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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clinton Hiarchy

OK I am going to write what I really think. I think that the Clinton's are sitting on a Multi Billion Non profit. I also think that Bill has a line to underground money. I believe that this money has kind of made the Clinton's more power crazed. I believe that they have had a gun to Obama's head literally and figuratively. I remember the tears and pain in both Obama's and Biden's eyes their first week in Office. I believe that the Clinton's were groomed for office by Pappa and Mamma Bush. The Clinton's hold grudges. I believe they do use lethal force to get their way. I believe that Bill has his hands in underground drug and wepons money. I also think they are under the influence of the Neocon agenda... to rule the world through military force. ie PNAC Project for a New America. One of the most dangerous weapons in my mind is HAARP> But they also want to publicly play with their tactical nukes. I believe that the plot is multi level. Kind of like there is plan a b c d and even more. Even the gulf could have been a part of the plan. I hope not and don't feel strongly that it was intentional. The underwear bomber came at the right time for propagation of the underwear search machines. False flags to get things pressed through the congress The biggest 911 conspiracy is that two planes brought down three buildings in a controlled demolition pattern. I believe that while there are good and true politicians but power corrupts. If I am honest here. which I will be is when I saw rick larsen I saw the dark energy of DC in his space. I felt sad for him. It is like a demonic force. The military industrial system, the prison industrial system, the banking system , the pharmaceuticals, the insurance corporations and the large media conglomerates are all ruled by this force. The force of the crossroads. the selling of integrity, bit by bit until they are drowned by it and their soul is captured and confounded.

Back to Hilary. She doesn't like the travel. She likes the White House. She doesn't like Obama (sometimes she has admired him) because jealousy is so strong a force for both Bill and Hilary when it comes to power. All of the Obama appointments have been Clinton forces. They are not supportive of Obama. Obama is a figurehead at this time. They will try to destroy his presidency and it won't be pretty. I say and have said they and their friends have to be stopped if we want the shreds of our country put back together before it looks like China's system of rule. So there. Part of what I see. They want to rule South America too. Venezuela first. this week-end? fk They need to be watched and busted now before something blows.
McCrystal comes to mind.