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Monday, July 26, 2010

War is a Cancer That is bleeding us dry

Sweat, blood,
fall to the ground to weep at what we do
graduation time is here boys, where will you be? Snoring while a reality show' drones in the background of your mind? As the level of poison registers in your sweat. They play with your soul, your body and controlling your emotions so you will serve them, Serve them and then grovel for a bone or go to prison and be their slave. fractal of repetition
Sad story drowned in prescriptions , cocktails, distraction

The divided line holographic breakdown- the medicine wheel spokes connected to its source.
The reoccurring story emerges with the cellular memories of horror, That is how we are so easily controlled, to obey. "Whose your Daddy?"

Remember finally,

I went to "Salt" tonight or last night now. I have a fantasy that we all are like operatives, who don't know our mission. We are being activated but instead of for the dark side, we chose the light. The thing is, for me, Is reversing the idea that it starts with the physical and what is in front of us. When that is the first step. To See It. Then we view where we came from -I am talking before we were born and before that. Then we step into our true and honourable power because we know - the game is that - and the rules have been hidden in front of our eyes.

this is what I need to learn still:
That it is fun