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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Closet

Infinity Mirrors from:
My birthday was the nineteenth of July
I drew a card from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards*
it was "Come Out of the Closet" The Ascended Master Amaterasu (I didn't read the commentary which I just read and will sum up as "come out of cave and shine")
I put it back and immediately drew a bunch more cards that I don't remember. 'I am not gay' - Larry Craig's voice goes off in my head,,, But I think
-the card means me being real and talking about my thinking and feeling: more what my brain is chewing on, talk about the multiverse.
, but its crazy....and I know crazy, my brother Glenn has been diagnosed which is good unless you believe in healing, somehow - some way. anyway I should probably start another blog. if I turn the revealing corner's
. That's all

I lost a friend last year from revealing to much
because the wound brings up the others wound deep wounds
I always thought I was dreaming this life when I was a kid and I could remember other dreams. We lived next to a wondrous swamp and creek and Grand Alder Trees with Cedar Stumps that you could play in and hide stuff which the little kids would find. I was the little kid finding stuff..In the Days before the perpetuation of fear in our culture.
I believe this is a world of duality, so evil is a force to be played around with which it is But I warn you power over, destruction, is the goal of the controllers of the evil game , it is dangerous to even look at this because we all remember,deep in our subconscious we all remember and that fact which if looked at without preparation can bind us fast with fear.. In the end the lesson is , is to master raising the duality to another octave, where UNITY would pervade all games with vibrations and differences and if we don't raise ourselves to the next octave and we will wind up with what we feared. what kept our thinking safe is the paradoxical danger. might not make sense to most but it makes sense to me.n
But my child inside me holds that ice, that fear. shattered and stung. I watch the sky and what is obvious to me is
is not seen by most people. Who Cares? I could stand on the ferry and start screaming and pointing at the lines in the sky but I don't.

* Ascended Masters
Doreen Virtue