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Saturday, July 24, 2010

behind the curtain

prediction:when 'the weathermen' say its going to rain or get cloudy.
they will start laying down the clouds either pm at night,
through the wee hours and morning
two formula
depends on if they are going for rain or not
the one that spreads and then the dark stream that will be a set up for moisture
"lovely" the wicked witch of the west
cackles "What a world, what a world"

I cringe at the blindness and hubris of the so called scientists who think this is a good idea. Idiotic, myopic, intellectual waste with no wisdom. No wisdom at all! Yeah boys while you're at it try some dispersant just for fun. See what happens to us pions. and then look at the pictures of your loved ones - if you are capable of love- and watch how they die because of your screw ups.