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Friday, July 23, 2010

We're on the road to nowhere....


The politics of re election

First Rahm Emanuel did not win the election for you it was the strategy of Howard Dean. who you gave the boot to with no thanks or accolades expressed. That was the biggest mistake for our country. Rahm, a new democrat or what I would call a corporacrat is taking down and dismantling the hope that your election gave us. You, because of him, have muzzled the progressive agenda.

We are on the road to nowhere
letting the false filibusters make it so you can shake a trembling finger at the Republicans and pretend that the corporate media will pick up on it. You need-if you want me and my progressive friends to believe you- is to cluster bomb the media with progressive truths and warn everyone that the corporations will be lying and buying our elections. We are on the brink of losing our democracy and the low luster democrats are as much the fault as the republicans. Why did you turn your backs on what happened in South Carolina with Greene put in by faulty or hacked computers? Makes me think that its all a show and the corporations have already seized control. all I can say is 'We're on a road to nowhere..... '

I still am dangling on a thread of hope and redemption but its almost dissolved into a shrug. Let the corporations have their way because they'll be frying too. Oh well. If you don't instruct Harry Reid to make the Republicans pee in a jar when they filibuster - I will start supporting third party candidates and let it all fall down- because fall it will if things don't change fast.
Blessings, Nancy Brickman