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Friday, July 23, 2010

The folding of time

Will there be oral history or is it a forgotten archive?
Will History be told? Will we remember, when as a collective we never knew?
Does God remember all things, all thoughts, all deeds?

A lie mentally told, does that count as a lie? How will we redeem ourselves when we are about to step into another trap? The kind of trap that they made to capture Tarzan. He would have to rescue
all who fell in. His friends from the jungle. They remembered the before the smell of death that came with Tarzan's kind: white man

oh white man with blind pride for what you've done. How can you remain deaf to the howls of time. Your injury which causes you such fear. Chemical Lobotomy. You act apart and separate from your true nature. Instincts warped by captivity. Soul and cellular memories of torture and shame. This you avoid at all cost so you allow yourself to be a Circus animal, jumping through fire.