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Friday, August 2, 2013

Oath Breakers

A Constitution is the format for all laws. If you subvert the constitution in a law of the land -it is invalid because it does not live to the format of the government's domain. Bradley Manning was upholding a democracies essential freedom of information. In Wiki leak most notable video that Bradley Manning released was seen targeted the press. Which has been standard operation procedures. That is a violation of the USA's need to know and witness where all the money went. We need to know. Freedom of Press has been brutally murdered. The hand that led Pinochet did and the shah is leading now. Do we want that to happen here? We need the truth in information and not fabrications of public relations. We are constantly fed misrepresentations. Thanks Bradley for the courage and heart that you display giving back the reminder of the constitution.

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon- whole Album
I heard a broadcaster on the Main Stream Media say that Bradley Manning broke his Oath. He was one of the few who has lived up to his oath to defend the constitution from domestic attack. He did his best and has given his life for his mission, in so many ways, already. I say the Oath to your nation trumps any other oath they make you take. So wake up. Help-- we need all the help from those who are now sleep walkers and now need to come back to who they really are. Unity within diversity.... makes it a joy to serve in the safety of Love..
the Rulers all. Or what I would/ have called the dead Hand. They study rhythms and rhymes. They are educated in Astrology and have tried to keep humanities mind from comprehending the communications and light waves that we get from the archetypal force of the planets and how they connect us to the earth and all life as sacred creation. -----------------------------------------------------