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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Patriots wake up

I can't find the true version of Hurricane and this and others have been externally muted. The Lyrics stopped Interesting. Intentional- what would make me think that??

Our rights as citizens to vote are being undermined in a slow and calculated manner.
I opened my San Juan County- Washington- ballot yesterday and there were the bar-codes. Unnecessary bar-codes that undermine my trust in the security of our ballots. I called the Secretary of States office and seemed to get the Hart Voting System sales representative who also gets paid by our state government. Her name is Patty Murphey and I am 99% sure that she was the same women that I spoke with about ten years ago when I heard that Sam Reed wanted to install paperless voting ballot machines in our state. She then sounded like a sales rep for paperless ballots. She is now in charge of voting security (she told me) in Washington. Bar-codes for triangulation of the ballot was first out of her mouth. The answer to this is everybodies bar-code could be the same to triangulate. The other reason stated as to why they now use of Bar-codes is so that the ballots are impossible to cast twice- that could be remedied by embossing the ballot after the vote is cast. The next statement from Patty was its to expensive to change. I say to this, then, lets count the ballots by hand. Have protected chains of custody. And an active State Attorney General who investigates and prosecutes intentional Election Fraud.
To top it all off I heard from Tim White that our San Juan County ballots will be sent to a private company to be counted.this election Wow. I see so many flaws and possible scenarios where our votes could easily be confiscated that I could write a pamphlet. Let your mind wonder into that territory.... The territory of having billions of dollars, with the the ability to install the candidates and referendums of your choosing. Wake up America- this is not a foot ball game- We all are in this democracy together, we need to have our votes secure in the way we cast them and not just to 'believe' that our votes are secure.