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Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Villians of our time
Speaks for that shadow which lurks in the darkness of
Greed. They are example of being possessed. Money is their God. Possessed by the same force that claims safety in creating strife upon our planet.

What in me is like them that I hate them so? Fire against Kerry, Kissenger and Cheney. They are exact in their warped theories of dominance for the good of the whole? They lie to suit their fortunes. May they shrivel and moan today and know what they have done..

When I hate, it is trying to guard my fear. That fear when I see their trails in the sky. Kerry set up the Syria poison is what I think, He is the one who claims that weather modification is a thirteen trillion dollar industry that we cannot suppress. I say chap, your Money is nothing if our planet dies. Money is dust. All this greed is caused by a great separation. Is it my task to look at their sludge? May the guts and stench of war surround their offices and homes today –may they see the demononic force that whispers softly in their ears and may they chose today or be cast out and shunned. My anger is great. It makes me feel and identify the problems but then I need to breath and let the breath heal this snag in my thinking, This infection, blight upon our planet needs to be contained and removed this day and all days forward. A coup for the good. A coup for peace so that the wild will remain free and remain on this good Earth for our grandchildren. May our legacy be unity and Love.