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Monday, October 14, 2013

Pike's Pike

Lillith sings to the Drum of Uranus, which calls to Saturn who connects to Neptune to Venus and Mercury who as Hermes, delivers the invitation to Dance and Play

In perpetuity
I ask for the end of

Pike's Massacre of the planet
This invitation
this reminder of an obligation
I call upon the dead to arise from their separation
and attend the parties of light
taking from Lucifer the light stolen from our ancestors blood
The sacrifices , are redeemed and repayed to the rightful heir's
The fear, the malice and the greed for the utter power of destruction is contained and removed to its rightful realm. All who still follow will remain in the debt of the harm they have caused to the families of these dead They now choke on their lies. Every time a marker as iridescent as white phosphorous surrounds their lies and make them impotent and their fate to be removed from the Earth in Perpetuity. Bombers of the true Light that comes from the one god which has many names, Love as One, promised, will come to the aid of anyone who needs light in the darkness. Harmony is restored.
We party with Joy

The hunters moon- we the people- realise our abilities to see the truth
behind the walls of lies and obfuscation Pluto demands enforcement of this proclamation