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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dancing with the Stars

I am almost back to watching "The Wall" again. Instead, I am enjoying harvest
month and imagining crystals blooming in Washington DC and the Pentagon
In our most sacred places and everywhere, all can feel as Pluto strips things raw.
We can see with Pluto's eyes - diving deep and coming up pissed and ready to roll.Uranus-
Whew Finally. Carpet bomb with light - Mercury on the North Node -information that is raw and truth filled.
Saturn says no to the hiding and lying and theft. Libra brings us to the scales of Justice-
Corruption in the highest court is revealed and confirmed. Truth and reconciliation

or what we destroy all the wild with the poisons they call good for us? So on ward rainbow warriors with a whoop and a holler-
a jig and yes, a lasso.