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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

eyes= deer?

...anyways...Yesterday I made an attempt to get the 5:50 am ferry. I walked up to my room via the deck. on the stairs, I saw a pair of circular reflections, fairly close together, binocular width, maybe eye width, if you were a deer. but they didn't move a fraction. I have watched animals enough to know the stare down, frozen count. The circles were by the garbage storage= I feel guilty when I think about the area= its such a mess area= the circles didn't move they seemed to be about six feet up like if it were a person with night vision glasses like they had them perched so that they wouldn't move..

So I stay trying to get things that I should of done last night done. I head to the ferry the gate is already closed, with the ferry guys standing facing the shore, still docked. I left. I wanted to . Went home to take better care of my dog , let him out and low to the ground 'by the pond, like a guy on his belly height, were the circles and my dog is running happily towards the circles and the circles did not move. An animal would have been looking for the open exits in quick glances.