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Friday, October 4, 2013

Goveration - get it?

Government and corporation

fact: noticed yesterday am,the indoor left -second from the bottom- glass panel is broken. The upper glass, next to the doorknob, was loose,its wood frame, and all. I found two pieces wood that matched the frame of the door window. One inside, one outside. the glass which was broken was found in front on the porch about six to eight inches in front of the door and one small piece inside to the left of the door next to the wall and three inches to the left of the door.

My son seems spooked about it. He says he thought he would have noticed it before he left on the 'red-eye' (early ferry) yesterday.

My sense says screw up, prying the doorknob window panel and it broke the lower pane by accident. Old door much paint, molten paint. I would suspect the usual suspects, a hybrid goveration, mercenary contractors, they still get paid like the weather dopes still get paid (as in weather secret modifiers) and their investors get their secrecy and their magic formulas...and... voile we are sick - we are unsynchronized
I want to refuse to live my life afraid of anyone but that which is within myself.

As the DC cab driver said about the sniper, "you only die once," "I don't want to killed a thousand times -in my mind", is what his statement meant to me, he was from some war zone, I don't remember where, today- Africa or the Mideast (Afghan or Lebanese) or Columbia?- my
memories of.DC cab drivers before the end of October before the most recent Iraq Obscenity...