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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hyak Oddities

something got in my head today
go get some dry ice for Greg, which entails taking the ferry which is always a surreal experience of late.
I am curious -that is my nature my curiosity cannot be stopped- I think I'd get sick if I made it go away.

The last run of the evening -I am on the ferry Hyak. Not many cars on the large ferry after Lopez. That one guy who I always want to be snide with - baldish-fairly tall stands in the middle and directs traffic- military attitude- was there... two serious women are other noticed crew. After Lopez the ferry slows.
I am thinking that I must have dozed. Slowly. Someone gets on the loud speaker and mutters something about a ferry being in the dock and the ferry was going slow because of that - usually the ferry waits in the harbor for docked ferries. So what I saw -almost cracks me up- The guy I saw- assumed him to be crew was leaning against a large black canvas bag- as tall as him...( seemed like he was whistling like in my picture of a cartoon character, trying to look innocent). I stood at the front of the ferry until we started to inch forward again. The interisland ferry- I think -the Evergreen quickly sloppily pulls into the dock - I think to offload a fuel truck..... but why didn't they wait until after we off loaded? Our ferry was thrown into reverse and brought around Friday Island again so we couldn't view the ferry dock. The crew on the Evergreen - a blond with a to thin to be a gun- looked like a measuring stick maybe - was black and looked electronic-a camera? About five girls who looked like a girls sport team were on deck, ready to walk off the ferry (middle or high school age) It all felt odd and surreal is my best description of it. It seems to me that the ferry staff should be studied for their associations. A convenient soft spot. Yoda says- "A target- the ferries seem to be." Internal Terrorism.

I am thinking that the second mate got promoted to Captain Joking something reckless and blazaa in the Hyak Captain's obvious blunder and the ferry is still being operated by either a rookie or someone under the spell of confusion and clatter.