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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This is the Beat going down

The New World Order
I'll tell you how its coming down
The fear has warped to anger
Anger at the 'Misinformation'
Anger at the lies
Then its time to turn the anger into the solutions
Using Neptune for
the rolling drum
Using Saturn for the bars to stop the old ways of devastation
Pluto lifting the veil in our hearts diving deep, excavating the pain
that lays hidden in the madness of rulership. Rulership over the power to destroy
Expensive toys that can kill because their penises are shrivelled and are limp
They shrivel and melt as they try to press their buttons to make hell on Earth
Its not about punishment it is more about Saturn and the need to restore harmony in the Solar System
and beyond -
We call on all aids that have been stolen By Empire
Genetically we call upon our ancestors to help us
living and in realms within realms
Our shimmering blood
lights our path
And we are guided and protected
we weave magic
Mercury the weaver
Venus the Warp
Saturn the weave
Uranus the colors and the fireworks of light
iradecent trails show the wake of the shrivelled ones as they plot their own demise